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A fully integrated way of working that minimises costs and maximises performance
Drawing on over 25 years of experience and operating across both commercial and retail sectors, the Key Group provides a complete range of MEP, retail fit-out and asset maintenance services.
Fully integrated approach

Our technical, engineering and compliance teams adopt a highly integrated approach to building services. This allows us to avoid the departmental silos that are so common in our industry and which reduce efficiency, lower morale and inhibit the development of a productive company culture.

Instead of isolating themselves in segregated departments, our specialist teams work together towards a common goal, in the process sharing information and collaborating to develop joined-up solutions that minimise costs and maximise performance.


Incorporated into our integrated way of working are health, safety and quality management. By making these disciplines a core part of our business procedures, we ensure that a positive safety outlook is promoted throughout our organisation.

The maintenance of our management systems and accreditations is the responsibility of a dedicated team of health, safety and environmental professionals.

Modern slavery transparency statement

We are committed to operating responsibly and with high ethical standards, particularly with regard to human rights issues and will not tolerate human trafficking and other kinds of slavery within our operations. We expect equally high standards from our supply chain.

To view our modern slavery and human trafficking statement, please click on the download link below.

To help our clients comply with the requirements of CDM 2015, we are able to fulfil the duties of Principal Designer.